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Working inclusively and in Context – The ImmerseMap

print 1All Leaders need to fully align engage and tap the “contextual IQ” of employees in order to successfully implement initiatives and execute with consistency.


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map 1Taking complex, “big-picture” across the entire workforce, in all functions, is critical in terms of:

–       where the company wants to go (it’s mountaintop),

–       how they intend to get there,

–       and what specific effort and ideas (contextual IQ() and ideas every employee will contribute in implementing strategy.

Company As profits were 19% below the industry standard and customer satisfaction levels were at less than 65% positive. Company also had a multigenerational and multicultural workforce meaning that the communication of any new initiatives needed to be clear, concise, engaging and translate well across cultures. Language and generations. Via the ImmerseMap™ , Company A clairified the vision f the company, the key metrics and their success goals.

By then focusing a few initiatives, such as

–       gain efficiencies in inventory management

–       accelerate receivables

–       and lower operating costs… they were able to produce a 22% increase in profitability within six months.

Map 2Within 12 months, Company A was exceeding the industry standard profits from sales by 4%.
The ImmerseMap experience engages and inspires employees to embrace new improvement initiatives by clearly illustrating:

–        where the company wants to go

–        how they intend to get there

–        and what part each employee to plays in the process.


Here’s how we help companies Immerse their workforce in new improvement initiatives and gain aligned buy-in:

map 3First, we meet with your management team to articulate your key market and internal business outcomes.

Next, we create a visual and interactive map that illustrates the main objectives of the business improvement initiatives, and develop interactive media learning modules to enhance your employees’ understanding of the big-picture goal.

Next, using internal focus groups, the Immerse Map is thoroughly tested for accuracy and finalized for fast-track deployment throughout your organization. With Immerse, employees understand the big-picture goals and WANT to be a meaningful part of achieving them.

Going forward, the Immerse Map becomes an integral part of your organization’s continual learning and performance improvement process.

print 2Immerse helps companies successfully implement improvement initiatives to achieve big-picture business goals.

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