Project Management Excellence

ENP Practice Leader – Diane Buckley-Altwies

Research by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) has uncovered that more than 40% of all strategic initiatives fail to meet their original goals and business intent.  This performance, or lack of performance, is costing organizations over $100 million for every $1 billion invested in projects and programs.  Failures in organizations range from 11% in high performing organizations to nearly 75% for low performing organizations.

All business growth and success is through the successful delivery of strategic initiatives.  All strategic initiatives are projects and most people within an organization will be involved in one or more strategic initiatives at any point in time.  So what differentiates the poor performers from the high performers?  –they have the ability to manage projects to ensure that project objectives are met.  They have an engaged workforce.

When we talk about an engaged workforce and workplace excellence we look for people who:

  • Take strategy and turn it into actionable and realistic plans
  • Adapt as the market changes to ensure the strategic objectives are met
  • Work with diligence and purpose
  • Know how the project at hand is important to the overall strategy of the organization
  • Understand that there are always tradeoffs and priority tug-of-wars but act with integrity and make decisions for the benefit of all
  • Escalate when known risks threaten the achievement of objectives
  • Move mountains by gaining trust and commitment of others

Project management skills and competencies, include technical skills like developing schedules and managing change request through a well-defined and followed process, and critical thinking skills such as troubleshooting and influencing. These skills are mandatory for any project manager to succeed, and even more important that the project team have a minimal competency many of the same skills for the organization to succeed.

It is all about execution. Organizations that can execute on strategy succeed. Those that cannot fail.

Success does not come with a road map. There is no predefined process for companies to follow that will ensure successful delivery of strategy except through their workforce.

Diane Buckley Altwies specializes in increasing workplace excellence and building the next generation of leaders.  Our programs help people work better together, creating organizations that adapt and execute faster for greater profitability.

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