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In today’s business environment, where entire industries are being disrupted seemingly overnight, the typical “shelf life” of a business model and/or core value proposition is often 24 months or less…

Leaders and their organizations must be agile, adaptable, and their strategies flexible and responsive.

For several years, we have been helping organizations move beyond the status quo via the use of “next practices”- that is, not benchmarking the competition, but finding unique ways that make their business more effective, productive and responsive.

A New Approach to Business Strategy

There are several critical steps we suggest for any organization to get them on a fast track to improvement and growth.

  1. print 1Do away with your traditional strategic planning session and take a new approach. Press your entire team to think in different ways about your markets, internal operations, and financials. This often means looking beyond your core industry to other verticals, and even dramatically different business models.
  2. Base your decisions on data, but reframe your leadership offsites and updates on what should come next, and where you need to potentially need to invest more resources, or correspondingly pivot away from a losing proposition.
  3. Begin with the end in mind- that is, having a plan that all will concisely and clearly engage all of your employees, your board, your customers so they are working in context and on the same page with you.
  4. Strengthen the way you operate as a team- how do you each really think? What are the overt and covert barriers that may inhibit your effectiveness as a team? Understanding and leveraging everyone’s strengths is also critical component.
  5. Build a sense of urgency against your plan- don’t let the “noise” of day to day operations distract you from mission critical activity.

premise 1We’ve been assisting organizations for over a decade in how to maximize the value of their strategic retreats and planning sessions with professional, customized facilitation & key advisor services.

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