Digital Media Distribution Services

There are many ways to improve the effectiveness of how you organize and distribute your video.  Here are a few things to remember to make that video really deliver for you.

1. Video typically takes a long time to edit and requires that you know what to make in one video for thousands of viewers.  Our next practice is to personalize your video for each viewer so that your message goes out to those that have a reason to listen.

2. Keeping your videos fresh and up-to-date is the next thing to remember.  You don’t need to replace the whole video, just the portion that is out of date.  There are tools that make this process a lot easier than trying to manually edit your video.

3. Inventory.  If you had a warehouse of widgets, you would certainly have a count of them, right?  Yet most people don’t have an easy way to tell what videos they have and what they are using.  Digital Asset Management is critical to your success.

4. Are you covered?  Coverage means that you have the right message for the right viewer.  Many times there are gaps that leave some of your viewers wanting to know if what you are offering really applies to them.

5. Analyze, analyze, analyze.  There are actually multiple levels of metric analysis that video can tell you.  Make sure that a comprehensive, cross-media effectiveness dashboard gets you the right information to update your video the best way possible.

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